The Midea V6 series DC inverter VRF systems are the perfect solution for central air conditioning in large buildings such as supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping centres, hotels, office and administration buildings, hospitals, etc.

The capacity of the individual outdoor units ranges from 8 to 96 HP (25 to 270 kW), and up to 4 outdoor units with a total capacity of 88 HP or 276 kW can be combined in one VRF system. A maximum of 64 indoor units with up to 130% of the total capacity of the outdoor units can be connected to one VRF system.

The possibility of long duct connections and a large drop between levels makes the Midea V6 series VRF systems extremely suitable for air conditioning high-rise buildings.

The large operating range of the Midea VRF systems ensures their fault-free operation even at extreme outdoor ambient temperatures. In cooling mode, Midea V6 VRF systems can operate smoothly at outdoor temperatures from -5°C to 48°C, and in heating mode at temperatures from -25°C to 24°C.

Here's what else the Midea V6 series VRF systems offer

Outdoor units

  • 3 unique innovations
  • Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Floating refrigerant temperature to balance comfort and efficiency.

Evaporating (for cooling) and condensing (for heating) temperatures are automatically adjusted according to outdoor and indoor temperatures to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.

Power limiting in case of power supply limitations

The V6 can be set to output 40-100% of capacity power during temporary power supply restrictions.

Compressor with advanced vapor injection (EVI)

Thanks to the vapor injection of the DC inverter compressor, the DVM V6 can operate stably in heating mode down to -23°C, and the heating capacity is greatly improved.

Triple configurations

Triple (local/remote/network) configurations greatly simplify installation, commissioning and servicing.

System checks and adjustments can also be easily made via a wired and centralised controller, making the configuration more flexible and convenient.

High efficiency

Plate heat exchanger (PHE)

The plate heat exchanger works as a secondary intercooler, increasing refrigerant subcooling and improving energy efficiency by 10%.

High-efficiency heat exchanger type G

The 24-32HP units use a high-efficiency 3-row Type G heat exchanger with a heat transfer area 1.5 times that of the 22HP unit. The 24-32HP units also use a super-large size fan with a diameter of up to 750 mm.

Wide application range

Wide capacity range

Starting at 8HP, capacity increases in 2HP increments up to 96HP, which is an outstanding achievement for VRF system output.

Wide operating range

The MDV V6 can operate stably over a wide temperature range: from -5°C to 48°C in cooling mode and from -23°C to 24°C in heating mode.

Long pipe path capability

Piping can be up to 1000 m in total length, with a vertical drop of up to 110 m between levels.

*The maximum length after the first branch is 40 m as standard, but can be extended to 90 m under certain conditions.

High reliability

Cyclic loading

Duty cycling equalizes the run times of the outdoor units in a multi-body system and of the compressors in each unit, greatly extending the life of the compressors.

Precision oil control technology

Four stages of control technology ensure that the oil on all compressors is always maintained at a safe level, eliminating any problems from oil shortages.

Internal oil separation within the compressor.

A high-efficiency centrifugal oil separator (with separation efficiencies up to 99%) ensures that oil is separated from the outlet gas and returned to the compressors in a timely manner.

Oil balancing pipes between the compressors ensure the oil is evenly distributed to keep the compressors operating within normal limits.

The automatic oil return program monitors run time and system conditions to ensure reliable oil return.

Back-up operation

On units with two compressors, if one compressor fails, the other compressor can run independently for up to 4 days, providing time for maintenance or repair while not losing comfort conditioning.

Corrosion protection

The outdoor units have corrosion protection for extreme conditions. They can be customized with heavy-duty corrosion treatment on major components to protect the surface against corrosive air, acid rain, and salt air (for installations in coastal areas).

Cooling of PCB with refrigerant

The DVM V6 uses refrigerant cooling technology to cool the control board. It reduces the average temperature of the electrical components by about 8 degrees, ensuring stable and safe system operation and longer component life.

Real-time monitoring of refrigerant quantity

Refrigerant temperature and pressure can be monitored in real time from the outdoor unit. The V6 outdoor unit can detect excessive or insufficient amounts of refrigerant to ensure consistent performance

Automatic snow removal function

The innovatively designed automatic snow removal function allows the outdoor unit to prevent snow accumulation.

Dust cleaning function

The innovatively developed dust cleaning function allows the outdoor unit to prevent dust from accumulating on itself.

Increased comfort

Night Silent Mode

The Night Quiet Mode feature includes various scheduling options that can be used to reduce noise levels when needed.

Intelligent defrost programme

This function calculates the time required for defrosting depending on the actual system condition. A dedicated defrost valve reduces the time required to defrost to four minutes.

Easy installation and servicing

Non-polarised communication wiring

Only one circuit of 2-core non-polarised shielded communication cables is required for connection to the outdoor unit.

Automatic addressing

Outdoor units can automatically allocate addresses to indoor units. Remote and wired controllers can be used to query or change the address of each indoor unit.

Automatic refrigerant charge/recycle function

Automatic refrigerant charging and refrigerant recycling make installation and service easy.

Indoor unit

Wide application range

Wide range of indoor units

With 11 types and more than 100 models, Midea MDV indoor units meet the diverse requirements of customers in a wide range of locations, including shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and airports.

Multiple appearance options

The wall units feature three different interchangeable panel sizes that add additional flexibility to the versatile enclosure design.

For four-way cassette units, there are 360°C airflow panel and four-way airflow panel options.

For consoles, three options are available: the F3B enclosure, which is designed to be concealed in walls, the F4 with front air intake, and the F5 with side air intake.

Comfort and efficiency

High efficiency DC fan motor

The energy consumption of the DC fan motor can be reduced significantly compared to the corresponding AC type.

Quiet operation

The DC motor and optimised fan blades ensure that the air will be directed correctly and the system will run quietly throughout the day.

Constant room air temperature level

The DC inverter fan motor regulates airflow according to heat load, providing less temperature fluctuation and a more comfortable environment.

5-stage swinging louvers

Air is comfortably distributed up and down thanks to the 5-speed louvers, which can be programmed via the remote control.

Static pressure adjustment in 20 steps (ducted units)

For medium duct static pressure, control is done in 10 steps, and for high duct static pressure, control is done in 20 steps via wired remote control to ensure a comfortable environment.

Fresh air intake

On selected models, there is a designated space that allows outside air to pass directly into the unit, thus avoiding the need for a separate ventilation system.

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