• Service Manager: Iliyana Hristova
  • Phone: 0888 457 688
  • E-mail: aircon.service@tempexbg.com

SERVICE PHONE: 032 390 102

TEMPEX Ltd. has a large and advanced service base with modern equipment that could provide repair services for a wide range of products - from a small home and office air conditioners to large commercial and building air conditioners systems. All members of all service teams are qualified and are certified in related fields. Our teams are highly valued by Panasonic, Fujitsu General, and Samsung repair services.

Warranty conditions:

  1. The warranty is valid provided that the installation is performed by an authorized installation base, which assumes the warranty for maintenance;
  2. The repair is performed by authorized personel in the client's home/office/site or in the service center;
  3. Warranty maintenance is free if it is due to a factory defect;
  4. Free warranty service is denied in the following cases:
    • Forged, incomplete or inaccurate data;
    • Unsent shipments of warranty card;
    • The storage and operating conditions specified in the instructions for use or when the appliance has not been used for its intended purpose have not been observed;
    • Legal attempt to eliminate the defect from an unauthorized service;
    • In case of shocks, overload and consequence of carelessness and transport;
    • In case of damage due to natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning, electric shocks and in case of supply voltage other than the operating one of the device;
    • The power of the device does not meet the needs of the room (in case of violations in the installation and determination of the required power, the service base is materially responsible for eliminating the defect during the warranty period);
    • At the customer's request, an air conditioner with less power is installed;
  5. The remote control, plastic parts such as the front panel, fan blades, etc. are not subject to warranty service;
  6. A visit to a specialist at the request of the client and the absence of a warranty defect or non-compliance with conditions under item 6 and item 7 shall be paid by the customer according to the service tariff.
  7. The warranty service does not concern the transport costs, which are paid by the client, separately, according to the service tariff;
  8. The defective operation of the air conditioner in "Heating" mode at low temperatures and high humidity is not subject to warranty service;
  9. The warranty period of the product starts from the date of installation, but not later than 2 months after the date of its sale;
  10. After performing technical maintenance, request the relevant coupon to be filled in by the technicians;
  11. The services INSTALLATION and DISASSEMBLY of the air conditioning system are paid by the customer and are not subject to return in case of complaint (return of the air conditioning system);
  12. The complaint is submitted orally or in writing;
  13. Regardless of the commercial guarantee, the seller is responsible for the lack of conformity of the consumer goods with the contract of sale according to the guarantee under Art. 112 - 115 of the CPA;
  14. Territorial scope of the trade guarantee - Republic of Bulgaria.
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