Midea MH-SU65-RN8L Chiller Midea MH-SU65-RN8L Chiller 2
Midea MC-SU30-RN8L  Chiller Midea MC-SU30-RN8L  Chiller 2
Midea MH-SU110-RN8L Chiller Midea MH-SU110-RN8L Chiller 2
Midea MC-SU60-RN8L Chiller Midea MC-SU60-RN8L Chiller 2
Midea MC-SU75-RN8L-B Chiller Midea MC-SU75-RN8L-B Chiller 2
Midea MC-SU90-RN8L-B Chiller Midea MC-SU90-RN8L-B Chiller 2
Midea MC-SU140-RN8L-B Chiller Midea MC-SU140-RN8L-B Chiller 2
Midea MC-SU180-RN8L-B Chiller Midea MC-SU180-RN8L-B Chiller 2
Samsung AG042KSVANH/EU Chiller Samsung AG042KSVANH/EU Chiller 2
  • New
Samsung AG056KSVANH/EU Chiller Samsung AG056KSVANH/EU Chiller 2
  • New
Samsung AG070KSVANH/EU Chiller Samsung AG070KSVANH/EU Chiller 2
  • New
Midea MC-SU30-RN1L Chiller
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Chillers and chiller systems

Chillers are air-to-water heat pump systems designed for industrial sites for building and central air conditioning. The chiller is an outdoor unit of large size and capacity (such as those for VRF) with a freon system that heats or cools the water passing through it. The heated or cooled water enters through pipes to the indoor units connected to the building. The chiller heat pump systems we offer are with conventional or inverter control, which provides flexibility in operation, maximum efficiency, and output power with minimum power consumption. The main application of chiller installations is in central air conditioning and heating of buildings. The chillers we offer are modular, ie, if more output power is needed, more outdoor units are added to the already built system.

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