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TEMPEX Ltd. offers its services in ventilation, air conditioning, and electrical engineering for production facilities and public buildings.

TEMPEX Ltd. actively works in the field of air conditioning since 2000y. Starting with the supply and installation of domestic air conditioning systems, the company gradually expanded into residential and public buildings, shops and factories.

In 2006y. TEMPEX Ltd. has expanded its service range with the construction of electrical boards, automation of HVAC equipment, CCTV, gas alarming, and electrical engineering.

The company has a material and technical basis for the implementation of both new and rehabilitation of existing electrical installations. We also have standard and specialized transportation, machinery and equipment, and reliable qualified personnel.

We work actively with electrical designers, some of the largest suppliers of electrical materials, importers of low-voltage systems, always improving our product - a comprehensive and functional electrical installation.

Electro Construction

Electro Construction - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX
Electro Construction - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX
Electro Construction - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX
Electro Construction - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX

TEMPEX Ltd. performs complete electrical engineering for sites with different functionality. We offer quality workmanship and installation of electrical systems, low voltage installations for the public, residential and industrial buildings.

Dynamic development and continuous improvement create new practices for creating low voltage systems for domestic and industrial buildings.

Field of development:

  • Cable networks
  • Grounding systems
  • Lighting protection systems
  • Switchgear and switchboards
  • Street lighting
  • Lighting systems
  • Redundant and autonomous power supplies

Schneider Electric
Schrack Technic

Low Voltage Installations

Low Voltage Installations - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX
Low Voltage Installations - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX
Low Voltage Installations - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX
Low Voltage Installations - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX

TEMPEX Ltd. designs and implements LAN computer networks, video surveillance, access control, and commercial sound systems. The company is using quality and high-tech equipment. We can offer the full range and services of our professionals in designing, installing, and service low voltage installations and systems.

Video surveillance (CCTV)

TEMPEX Ltd. has extensive experience in the development, design, and implementation of digital security systems. We offer professional installation of CCTV surveillance for home or your business. Our clients have been major European manufacturers with branches in the country, shops, office buildings, sports centers, hotels, hospitals, and more.

Our video surveillance systems have repeatedly seen a perpetrator of criminal acts and helped capture them. In the field of video surveillance, we work with tested and proven technology from brands such as Samsung, HIKVISION, Lonse, CDVI, and others. We do individual meetings with our customers to make sure that they will get what they want. Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of computer networks that are part of the security systems.

There are different types of digital and analog cameras with different purposes, depending on the site on which they will be installed. TEMPEX Ltd. offers all types of digital and analog cameras to its customers:

  • Dome Cameras
  • Vandal Proof Cameras
  • Waterproof Cameras
  • Night vision Cameras
  • With autonomous power supply
  • Hidden Cameras
  • PTZ Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • IR Cameras
  • Zoom Cameras
  • Mini Cameras

Photovoltaic Solar Power Systems

Solar power plants - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX
Solar power plants - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX
Solar power plants - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX
Solar power plants - Electrical Engineering from TEMPEX

The photovoltaic power plants we build have both mains inverters and stand-alone inverters operating in island mode. They are in the range of panel power from 3kW to 1MW.

The electricity produced from power plants with network inverters can be for:

  • Own needs.
  • Own needs and sale of surplus.
  • Sale of the entire amount of electricity produced.

The sites we have built are many and similar solutions are not only for companies focused on production, but also those who also want to reduce their electricity bills. Many farmers or landowners invest in power plants located on land that for one reason or another is not used.

The necessary steps for the construction of a power plant may be different for the different scale of the projects and the place of implementation, as well as there may be changes with the introduction of new legislation:

  • Sketch - visa for designing a power plant (prepared by the municipality).
  • ERC opinion (+ ESO opinion) (prepared by the ERC).
  • Project:
    • FEC project (prepared by designers).
    • Transformer substation project - according to the opinion (prepared by designers).
    • Project cable line MV - according to the opinion (+ plot plans, if in the land) (prepared by designers).
  • Coordination of projects (ERP, ESO, municipality).
  • Preliminary contract with ERP (prepared by ERP).
  • Positive opinion from the fire safety authorities for the constructions I, II and III category (prepared by the fire brigade).
  • EIA (prepared by the MoEW and RIEW).
  • Assessment of the compliance of the project documentation with the basic requirements to the constructions (OSIP) (prepared by the construction supervision).
  • Building permit (prepared by the municipality).
  • Accession contract with ERP (prepared by ERP).
  • Construction (investor).
  • Commissioning (prepared by ERP, DNSK).
  • Commissioning (prepared by ERP, DNSK).
  • Request for inclusion in the relevant ERP.
  • Production - the customer issues monthly invoices for the produced electricity to ERP on the basis of monthly protocols issued by ERP.
Huawei Solar
JA Solar
Delta Solar
Jinko Solar
Trina Solar

HVAC Automation

HVAC Automation
HVAC Automation
HVAC Automation
HVAC Automation

Specialized electrical panels for automation, instrumentation, and A.

Design and development of automation for air conditioning and ventilation systems. Port systems are implemented through automated panels or groups of panels that precisely control the processes of the HVAC equipment on a particular logic using sensors and detectors.

Design and development of systems for monitoring energy usage of HVAC installations and controlling them via the Internet and mobile phone.

The sensors that are used in HVAC automation are:

  • Sensors for the flow of air/water
  • Sensors for of air/water pressure
  • Sensors differential pressure
  • Temperature sensors
  • Sensors for air quality and CO
  • Sensors and motion detectors for the presence

Automatic control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning provides comfort to the occupants and increases energy efficiency.

With programable logical controllers (PLC), the user has control with high reliability and functional algorithm. The PLCs have appliances in industrial control for equipment and technologies, as well as in building automation, specialized lighting systems, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. These controllers are programmed using specialized software. The loaded programs in the PLC controller can be updated or rewrote at any time to meet the clients' or projects preferences.

The programs are written in specialized languages, mostly Ladderdiagram or FBD. It is also possible an already build automation systems to be monitored and parameterized remotely with the most commonly used protocols - DeviceNET, CAN, AS-interface, PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet, etc. There are models that provided connection and communication via RS- 232, USB, or even via GSM network.

There are different types of automation tools:

  • ANN - Artificial Neural Network;
  • DCS - Distributed control system;
  • HMI - Human - Machine Interface;
  • SCADA - Supervisory control and data acquisition;
  • PLC - Programmable logic controller;
  • PAC – Programmable automation controller;
  • Control and measuring devices;
  • Movement Control.

Building Management Systems BMS / BAS.

TEMPEX Ltd. builds building automation systems (BMS) using protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, BACnet, LonWorks, KNX.

Building management systems contribute to a better microclimate, energy efficiency, and increased security. The installations connected to it are managed to depend on the wishes of the user. Most often, BMS / BAS systems manage:

  • Light installations;
  • Access control;
  • Energy management;
  • Security and fire alarm systems;
  • Server equipment;
  • Video surveillance;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Ventilation.

Such systems are implemented mainly in hotels, hospitals and business centers.

Gas detection

Gas detection​
Gas detection​
Gas detection​
Gas detection​

Gas analyzers are measuring devices used for the analysis of gas mixtures to determine their qualitative and quantitative composition. They are used in inflammable and explosive areas and may be used to control the gases, contained in the air.

We design and build gas sensing systems to detect and measure the level of chosen gas. Signal and actuation mechanisms can be built for powering ventilation on and off, closing vent valves, etc.

Sensor types, according to implementation are divided into:

  • Domestic
  • Explosion-proof

Sensor types, according to the measured gas, are divided into:

  • For combustible gases, volatile organic compounds, and hydrogen.
  • For toxic gases and oxygen.
  • For refrigerants - ammonia and freon

Applications and corresponding gas sensors:

  1. Administrative buildings - Explosive and Toxic
  2. Cordless premises - H2, SO2
  3. Biological waste and landfills - methane, H2S
  4. Hydroelectric and thermal power plants - explosive gases, CO
  5. Water treatment plants - methane, H2S, Cl2, O2
  6. Production and storage of coal - explosive gases, CO, O2
  7. Welding areas - explosive and toxic gases
  8. Industrial furnaces - explosive gases, CO, O2, SO2, NO2
  9. Cameras for coloring - explosive gases
  10. Boiler rooms - explosive gases
  11. Lab - explosive and toxic gases
  12. Steam and gas turbines - explosive gases, H2, CO, O2
  13. Printing - explosive and toxic gases
  14. Restaurants and kitchen units - explosive gases
  15. Tunnels and underground garages - CO, NO, NO2

Power Distribution Boards

Power Distribution Boards
Power Distribution Boards
Power Distribution Boards
Power Distribution Boards

Power distribution boards design

TEMPEX Ltd. has modern equipment and a plant for manufacturing power distribution and custom switchboard panels.

Types of manufactured panels:

Power distribution boards

Design and production of main power distribution switchboards for electrical distribution systems up to 1600A.

Automation panels

Design and production of switchboards for industrial automation and control of the individual assignment. TEMPEX Ltd. has a specialized engineering team for installation, commissioning, and parametrization of the designed automation systems. The management build in the panels is with programmable logic controllers (PLC) or relay control.

General-purpose power distribution boards and panels.

Design and production of individually customized switchboards for individual clients - main switchboards for residential buildings, public buildings, construction sites, etc.

Switchboard integration:

  • Standardized switchgear
  • Cathode drains
  • Network analyzers
  • Contactor relay logics
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Phase inverter and regulators
  • Individual microprocessor controller (MC)

Along with the main requirements for electrical cords in buildings, we ensure safe operation without risks associated with electrical shock, fire, or other disasters. The main function of the electrical boards is to ensure continuity in the supply of electricity and the possibility for extensions, improvements, and reconstruction of the existing electrical installation.

After production, every board must pass through a stage of trials and checks:

  • Check for a limit of overheating.
  • Check for the electrical strength of the insulation.
  • Check for short circuit resistance.
  • Checking the efficiency of the protective circuit.
  • Checking the mechanical action.
  • Checking the level of protection.

Once the electrical panel is installed, the control tests are made. These tests are made to detect deviations from the prescribed materials and technology.

  • Overview of the installation, wiring, and testing activity.
  • Testing the electrical strength of the insulation.
  • Testing the protective measures and the electrical continuity of the protective circuit.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering
Electrical engineering
Electrical engineering
Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering covers all build stages of electrical systems - from designing, coordinating the projects with the necessary instances, construction, to installation and testing.

  • Research and design in the field of integrated electrical projects, installations, and industrial systems.
  • Design of electrical distribution and control boards and panels.
  • Complete design and complex delivery of planned projects, devices, accessories, etc.

Company policy on electrical engineering:

  • Offering flexible solutions according to customer needs.
  • Delivery and quality control of materials.
  • Maintaining long-term relationships with customers and partners.
  • TEMPEX Ltd. shares its experiences and spares no efforts and resources in its development, offering the latest techniques and technologies.
  • Striving for ecological and sustainable development in business.
  • Offering solutions for energy management.
  • Provide work conditions in accordance with the latest requirements.

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