VRF system Midea MV6-670WV2GN1-E

VRF system Midea MV6-730WV2GN1-E

  • Cooling
    73.00 kW
  • Heating
    73.00 kW
  • EER
  • COP
  • Noise
    68 dB


Energy Management System (EMS)

Floating refrigerant temperature to balance comfort and effciency.

The evaporating temperature (in cooling) and condensing temperature (in heating) are automatically adjusted according to both indoor and outdoor temperature to maximize the comfort and energy effciency.

With the integration of EMS, for projects with temporary electricity supply restrictions, V6 can be set to output 40-100% capacity.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system
Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) Compressor

Thanks to the vapor injection DC inverter compressor, the V6 VRF can run heating mode stably down to -25°C, and the heating capacity can be improved greatly.

Triple Configurations

Triple (local/remote/network) configurations greatly simplified installation, commissioning and servicing.

  • Field local configuration achieves quick and easy on-site settings, simplifies installation and commissioning.
  • System checking and settings also can be easilyachieved via wired and centralized controller, making the configuration more flexible and convenient.
  • A desktop or laptop PC can be used for browser-based access to achieve system configurations through IMM Pro gateway via a LAN connection.
Midea MDV V6 VRF system
Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) Subcooling

Plate Heat Exchanger as a secondary intercooler boosts up refrigerant subcooling and improves 10% energy effciency.

High Effciency G-Type Heat Exchanger

24-32HP units use a high eciency 3-row G-type heat exchanger with a heat exchange area 1.5 times that of the 22HP unit. The 24-32HP units also use super big size fan which diameter is up to 750mm.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system
Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Wide Capacity Range

Starting at 8HP, capacity increases in 2HP increments up to 96HP, which is the world's largest single-system VRF capacity.

Wide Operation Range

The V6 VRF can operate stably in a wide ambient temperature range: from -5°C to 48°C in cooling mode and from -25°C to 24°C in heating mode.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system
Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Long Piping Capability

Total piping length: 1000m

Longest piping length – actual (equivalent): 175m (200m)
Longest piping length after first branch: 40/90m*
Level difference between IDUs and ODU – ODU
above (below): 90m (110m)
Level difference between IDUs: 30m

*The longest length after rst branch is 40m as standard but can be extended to up to 90m under certain conditions. Please contact your local Midea dealer for further information.

Duty Cycling

Duty cycling equalizes the running time of the outdoor units in a multiple-unit system and of the compressors in each unit, significantly extending compressor lifespan.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system
Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Precise Oil Control Technology

Four stages of oil control technology ensure all outdoor compressor oil is always kept at a safe level, eliminating any compressor oil shortage problems.

  • Compressor internal oil separation.
  • High-effciency centrifugal oil separator (with separation effciency of up to 99%) ensures that oil is separated from the discharge gas and returned to the compressors in a timely fashion.
  • Oil balance pipes between compressors ensure even oil distribution to keep compressors running normally.
  • Auto oil return program monitors the running time and system status to ensure reliable oil return.

Backup Operation

In units with two compressors, if one compressor fails, the other compressor can run on its own for up to 4 days,
allowing time for maintenance or repair whilst maintaining comfort.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Anti-corrosion Protection

Outdoor units are given anti-corrosion treatment for non-extreme conditions as standard and can also be customized with
heavy anti-corrosion treatment on main components for surface protection 
against corrosive air, acid rain and saline air (for installations in coastal regions) to extend overall useful life. The integrity of the anti-corrosion treatment is ensured by
subjecting major components 
and parts to salt mist testing, moisture and heating testing and light aging testing.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system

UL Anti-Corrosion Certificate

It has been certified by UL that our V6 VRF outdoor unit can withstand 27 years of simulated severe corrosion under a salt
contaminated traffic environment.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system
Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Refrigerant Cooling PCB

The V6 VRF uses refrigerant cooling technology to cool the electric control box. It decreases the average temperature of electrical control components by about 8 degrees, guaranteeing the stable and safe running of the control system.

Real-time Refrigerant Amount Monitoring

The temperature and pressure of refrigerant can be real-time monitored by the outdoor unit. When the level of refrigerant is too low or too high, this can cause damage to the unit and poor performance. V6 outdoor unit can detect excessive or insuffcient amounts of refrigerant, to ensure consistent performance.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system
Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Auto Snow-blowing Function*

The innovatively designed auto snow-blowing function enables the outdoor unit to prevent the accumulation of snow by itself.

*This function is available as a customization option.

Dust-clean function*

The innovatively designed dust-clean function enables the outdoor unit to prevent the dust by itself.

*This function is available as a customization option.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system
Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Night Silent Mode

The night silent mode feature, which is easily configured on the outdoor unit's PCB, includes various scheduling options that can be used to reduce noise levels at times when low noise operation is required.

Enhanced Heating Capacity

Heating capacity is 100% of rated capacity at ambient 
temperatures as low as -5°C and 90% of rated capacity at -15°C.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system
Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Intelligent Defrosting Technology

The intelligent defrosting program calculates the time required for defrostingaccording to the actual system status, eliminating heat losses from unnecessary defrosting. A specialized defrosting valve reduces time required for defrosting to as little at four minutes.

Non-polarized Communication Wiring*

Only one chain of 2-core non-polarized shielded communication wiring required for indoor and outdoor unit communication.

*In installations where relatively strong electromagnetic fields are present, 3-core shielded wiring should be used in order to prevent interference.

Auto Addressing

Outdoor units can distribute addresses to indoor units automatically. Remote and wired controllers can be used to query or modify each indoor unit's address.

Midea MDV V6 VRF system
Midea MDV V6 VRF system

Automatic Refrigerant Charging/Recycling Function*

Automatic refrigerant charging and recycling make installation and service easier and more effcient.

*This function is available as a customization option.

Technical Specifications for MV6-730WV2GN1-E
Power supplyV/Ph/Hz380-415/3/50
Power inputkW20.9
Power inputkW17.6
Connectable Indoor UnitTotal capacity50-130% of outdoor unit capacity
Max. quantity43
CompressorsTypeDC inverter
Fan motorsTypeDC
Max. ESPPa20 Default; 60 Customize
Factory chargekg22
Pipe connections3Liquid pipemmø22.2
Gas pipemmø31.8
Airflow ratem3/h25000
Sound pressure level4dB(A)68
Sound power leveldB(A)90
Net dimensions (WxHxD)mm1730×1830×850
Packed dimensions (WxHxD)mm1800×2000×910
Net weightkg430
Gross weightkg453
Ambient temp. operating rangeCooling°C-5 to 48
Heating°C-25 to 24


  1. Indoor temperature 27°C DB, 19°C WB; outdoor temperature 35°C DB; equivalent refrigerant piping length 7.5m with zero level difference.
  2. Indoor temperature 20°C DB; outdoor temperature 7°C DB, 6°C WB; equivalent refrigerant piping length 7.5m with zero level difference.
  3. Diameters given are those of the unit's stop valves.
  4. Sound pressure level is measured at a position 1m in front of the unit and 1.3m above the floor in a semi-anechoic chamber.
Manufacturer Midea
Type Central air conditioning
Technology Inverter
Series V6 VRF
Outdoor Unit MV6-730WV2GN1-E
Power supply (V/ø/Hz) 380-415 / 3 / 50
Cooling Capacity (kW) 73.00
Heating Capacity (kW) 73.00
EER (Energy Efficiency in Cooling) 3.49
COP (Energy Efficiency in Heating) 4.15
Sound Pressure Outdoor Unit - Cooling/Heating dB(A) 68 / 68
Sound Power Outdoor Unit - Cooling/Heating dB(A) 90 / 90
Air Flow Outdoor Unit - Cooling / Heating (m3/h) 25000 / 25000
Dimensions - Outdoor Unit WxHxD (mm) 1730×1830×850
Weight - Outdoor Unit (kg) 430
Operation Range - Cooling (°C) -5 ~ 48
Operation Range - Heating (°C) -25 ~ 24
Refrigerant (type) R410A
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