Three-phase Samsung EHS Mono AE160RXYDGG/EU A2W Heat Pump
Three-phase Samsung EHS Mono AE160RXYDGG/EU A2W Heat Pump
Three-phase Samsung EHS Mono AE160RXYDGG/EU A2W Heat Pump
Three-phase Samsung EHS Mono AE160RXYDGG/EU A2W Heat Pump

Three-phase Samsung EHS Mono AE160RXYDGG/EU A2W Heat Pump

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  • Cooling
    14.00 kW
  • Heating
    16.00 kW
  • EER
  • COP
  • Noise
    52 dB

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  • Intuitive, colour screen touch controller in multiple languages.
  • Energy monitoring through touch controller. 
  • PV and Smart Grid ready. 
  • 2-zone Control, suitable for fl oor heating and radiators.
  • SmartThings compatible with optional Wi-Fi kit. 
  • Backup heater is recommended to ensure a minimum water temperature.
Outdoor UnitAE160RXYDGG/EU
Control KitMIM-E03CN
Operation Nominal Capacity Heating A7/W35¹ / A7/W55² kW 16.0/15.0
Cooling A35/W18¹ kW 14,0
Power Input (Nominal) Heating A7/W35¹ / A7/W55² kW 3.62/5.18
Cooling A35/W18¹ kW 3,28
COP (Nominal Heating) A7/W35¹ / A7/W55² W/W 4.42/2.90
EER (Nominal Cooling) A35/W18¹ W/W 4,27
Seasonal space heating enr.effi ciency ηs LWT 35°C/55°C ETA% 176/138
Seasonal space heating eff. class** LWT 35 °C/55 °C - A+++ / A++
Current MCA A 12,00
MFA A 16,10
Leaving Water Temperature2 Heating °C 15~65
Cooling °C 5~25
Functions Smart Grid Ready / PV Enabled -
3-Step Quiet Mode -
2-zone Control -
Outdoor Unit
Power Supply Φ, V, Hz 3Ф, 380~415 V, 50 Hz
Compressor Type - BLDC Twin Rotary
Base Heater Capacity kW 0,15
Sound Sound Pressure4 Heating Std dB(A) 52
Cooling Std dB(A) 54
Sound Power Heating Std dB(A) 66
Dimensions Net Weight kg 111,0
Net Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 940 x 1420 x 330
Piping Water Pipe Inlet/ Outlet Φ, mm 25/25
Refrigerant Type R32
Factory Charging tCO₂e 1,49
kg 2,20
Operation Ambient Temperature Heating °C -25~35
Cooling °C 10~46
DHW °C -25~43

* A+++ energy label is available according to EU No. 811/2013label classifi cation 2019, on a scale from D to A+++

  1. A2W Condition : (Heating) Water In/Out 30℃/35℃, Outdoor Air 7℃[DB]/6℃[WB]; (Cooling) Water In/Out 23℃/18℃, Outdoor Air 35℃[DB].
  2. A2W Condition : (Heating) Water In/Out 47℃/55℃, Outdoor Air 7℃[DB]/6℃[WB].
  3. 65°C down to +10°C (max. 60°C down to -5°C) Sound pressure level is obtained in an anechoic room. Sound pressure level is a relative value, depending on the distance and acoustic environment.
  4. Sound pressure level may differ depending on operation conditions.
Manufacturer Samsung
Type Heat pumps
Technology Inverter
Series EHS Mono
Outdoor Unit AE160RXYDGG/EU
Power supply (V/ø/Hz) 400 / 3 / 50
Cooling Capacity (kW) 14.00
Heating Capacity (kW) 16.00
EER (Energy Efficiency in Cooling) 4.27
COP (Energy Efficiency in Heating) 4.42
Dimensions - Outdoor Unit WxHxD (mm) 940 x 1420 x 330
Weight - Outdoor Unit (kg) 111
Operation Range - Cooling (°C) 10 ~ 46
Operation Range - Heating (°C) -25 ~ 35
Refrigerant R32
Warranty 3 years
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