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  • Cooling
    14.00 kW
  • Heating
    16.00 kW
  • EER
  • COP
  • Noise
    50 dB
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    • Connectable with R410A Split Outdoor Unit in combination with a third party Tank.
    • Compatible with room thermostats, solar pumps, 2- or 3-way valves and back-up boilers. 
Indoor UnitAE160ANYDEH/EU
Outdoor UnitAE160AXEDEH/EU
Operation Nominal Capacity Heating A7/W35¹/A7/W55² kW 16.00/14,60
Cooling A35/W18¹ kW 15,00
Power Input (Nominal) Heating A7/W35 kW 3,76
Cooling A35/W18¹ kW 4,14
COP (Nominal Heating) A7/W35¹ / A7/W55² W/W 4.26/2,74
EER (Nominal Cooling) A35/W18¹ W/W 3,62
SCOP LWT 35°C/ 55°C W/W 4.46/3,09
Seasonal space heating enr.effi ciency ηs LWT 35°C/ 55°C ETA% 175/121
Seasonal Space Heating Eff. Class LWT 35°C/ 55°C - A+++ / A+
Water flow rate Low 35°C temp l/min 46,0
Current MCA A 32
MFA A 40,0
Leaving Water Temperature2 Heating °C 15~55
Cooling °C 5~25
Functions Smart Grid Ready/PV Enabled -
3-Step Quiet Mode -
2-zone Control -
Wall-Mounted Hydro Unit
Power Supply Φ, #, V, Hz 1Ф, 2, 220~240 V, 50 Hz
Heater Capacity kW 6
Sound Sound Pressure³ Heating Std dB(A) 30
Cooling Std dB(A) 30
Sound Power Heating Std dB(A) 44
Piping Water pipe Inlet/Outlet Φ, inch 1+1/4"
Dimensions Net Weight kg 45.0
Net Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 510 x 850 x 315
Outdoor unit
Compressor Type - BLDC twin rotary
Base Heater Capacity kW 0,15
Sound Sound Pressure³ Heating Std dB(A) 52
Cooling Std dB(A) 54
Sound Power Heating Std dB(A) 66
Dimensions Net Weight kg 100.5
Net Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 940 x 1 420 x 330
Refrigerant Type R410A
Factory Charging tCO₂e 6,22
kg 2.98
Piping Piping Connections Liquid Pipe Φ, mm (inch) 9.52 (3/8")
Gas Pipe Φ, mm (inch) 15.88 (5/8")
Piping length (ODU-IDU)⁴ Max.[Equiv.] m 50
Level difference (IDU-IDU)⁴ Max. m 30
Chargeless Length m 15
Operation Ambient Temperature Heating °C -25~35
Cooling °C 10~46
DHW °C -25~43
  1. A2W Condition : (Heating) Water In/Out 30℃/35℃, Outdoor Air 7℃[DB]/6℃[WB]; (Cooling) Water In/Out 23℃/18℃, Outdoor Air 35℃[DB].
  2. A2W Condition : (Heating) Water In/Out 47℃/55℃, Outdoor Air 7℃[DB]/6℃[WB].
  3. Sound pressure level is obtained in an anechoic room. Sound pressure level is a relative value, depending on the distance and acoustic environment. Sound pressure level may differ depending on operation conditions.
  4. ODU: Outdoor Unit, IDU: Indoor Unit
Manufacturer Samsung
Type Heat pumps
Technology Inverter
Series EHS Split
Outdoor Unit AE120AXEDEH/EU
Power supply (V/ø/Hz) 220-240 / 1 / 50
Cooling Capacity (kW) 15.00
Heating Capacity (kW) 16.00
EER (Energy Efficiency in Cooling) 3.62
COP (Energy Efficiency in Heating) 4.26
Dimensions - Outdoor Unit WxHxD (mm) 940 x 1420 x 330
Weight - Outdoor Unit (kg) 100.5
Operation Range - Cooling (°C) 10 ~ 46
Operation Range - Heating (°C) -25 ~ 35
Refrigerant R32
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