Midea MC-SS80/RN1L Chiller

Midea MC-SS80/RN1L Chiller

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  • Cooling
    80 kW
  • Heating
    85 kW
  • EER
  • COP
  • Noise
    67 dB
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The modular chillers from Midea's Aqua Tempo Super series allow the grouping of up to 16 outdoor units to achieve total capacity up to 2080 kW. At the same time, the systems have all the necessary protections, technologies and functions that make them preferable for the air conditioning of large shopping centers, hotels, residential and commercial buildings. The Aqua Tempo Super series is characterized by high energy efficiency and low energy consumption throughout the year.

Midea MC-SS80/RN1L chiller

The Midea MC-SS80/RN1L air cooled scroll chiller comes with new compact structure design, H shape condenser, 360° air suction (intake), intelligent defrosting technology that ensures little fluctuation on water temperature and excellent noise control.

Modular design

Modular design of Midea MC-SS80/RN1L air cooled scroll chiller

The modular design of the Midea MC-SS80/RN1L air cooled scroll chiller facilitates easy expansion in phases to respond to additional cooling/heating requirements. Maximum 16 units (1 main unit and 15 slave units) can be combined in one modular system to achieve maximum capacity of 2080 kW. Meanwhile every separate module can be operated as main unit, also each module can be a slave unit.

Strong backup functions

Strong backup functions of Midea MC-SS80/RN1L air cooled scroll chiller

If the master unit fails, all the units will stop. When the master unit fails, any of the slave one can be set as the master unit by manual setting. If one slave unit fails, this unit will stop but the others will keep running.

Strong backup functions of Midea MC-SS80/RN1L air cooled scroll chiller

If master unit’s protection happens, this unit will stop but the others will keep running. If slave unit’s protection happens, this unit will stop but the others will keep running. Exceptions: PE and P9 protections. PE: Low temperature protection of evaporator. P9: Outlet and inlet water temperature difference protection.

Alternative cycle duty operation

Alternative cycle duty operation

In one combination, all slave units operate as alternative in cycle duty to keep equal running time, realize higher stability, better reliability and longer lifespan. (For example, five modules combination, no.1 is master unit, others are slave units.)

Technical specifications for Midea MC-SS80/RN1L chiller
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 380 - 415 / 3 / 50
Cooling Capacity kW 80
Input kW 20.4
EER 3.10
Heating Capacity kW 85
Input kW 21.5
COP 3.21
Max. running current A 65
Compressor Type Fixed Scroll
Quantity Pieces 2
Air side heat exchanger (Condenser) Type Fin-coil
Fan motor type AC Motor
Quantity of fan motor Pieces 2
Air flow m3/h 27000
Water side heat exchanger (Evaporator) Type Shell-tube
Water pressure drop kPa 30
Volume L 47.5
Water flow volume m3/h 13.8
Refrigerant Type R410A
Weight kg 13
Refrigerant control EXV
Sound pressure level (Noise level) dB(A) 67
Dimensions Net (D×H×W) mm 2000 × 1770 × 960
Packing size (D×H×W) mm 2090 × 1890 × 1030
Weight Net weight kg 645
Operation weight kg 710
Pipe connections Water inlet/outlet mm DN65
Controller Wired controller
Ambient temperature range Cooling °C -10 ~ 46
Heating °C -15 ~ 24
Water outlet temperature range Cooling °C 0 ~ 17
Heating °C 25 ~ 50
Safety protection device 1. Protection for over-high discharge pressure.
2. Protection for over-low suction pressure.
3. Power supply phase sequence protection.
4. Anti-freezing protection in cooling mode.
5. Anti-freezing protection in Winter.
6. Protection for compressor over current.
7. Protection for compressor overload.
8. Outlet and inlet water temperature difference protection.
9. Compressor discharge temperature protection.
10. Water flow cut-off protection.
11. Sensor malfunction protection.
12. Low temperature protection of evaporator.
Manufacturer Midea
Type Chillers
Technology Inverter
Series Aqua Tempo Super
Outdoor Unit MC-SS80/RN1L
Power supply (V/ø/Hz) 400 / 3 / 50
Cooling Capacity (kW) 80
Heating Capacity (kW) 85
Power Input Cooling/Heating (kW) 20.4 / 21.5
EER (Energy Efficiency in Cooling) 3.10
COP (Energy Efficiency in Heating) 3.21
Maximum Current for Cooling / Heating (A) 65
Dimensions - Outdoor Unit WxHxD (mm) 2000 × 1770 × 960
Weight - Outdoor Unit (kg) 645
Operation Range - Cooling (°C) -10 ~ 46
Operation Range - Heating (°C) -15 ~ 24
Refrigerant R410A
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