DVM System Samsung AM040KXMDEH/EU
DVM System Samsung AM040KXMDEH/EU
DVM System Samsung AM040KXMDEH/EU
DVM System Samsung AM040KXMDEH/EU
DVM System Samsung AM040KXMDEH/EU
DVM System Samsung AM040KXMDEH/EU
DVM System Samsung AM040KXMDEH/EU
DVM System Samsung AM040KXMDEH/EU

DVM System Samsung AM040KXMDEH/EU

  • Cooling
    12.10 kW
  • Heating
    12.10 kW
  • EER
  • COP
  • Noise
    52 dB

Advanced performance & energy efficiency

Its advanced technology radically improves performance and reduces wasted energy. It includes an innovative Digital Inverter Compressor, an optimized heat exchanger with corrugated fins and highly efficient fans. For its high energy efficiency you can rest assured you can operate your Samsung air conditioning unit and worry less about your energy bill.

Compact with impact

Compact low profile unit ideally suited for apartment installation where the unit can be located on the balcony. With its low unit height and compact footprint, it takes up less space on your balcony and minimises obstructions to your view. This compact system is the perfect choice for high efficiency heating and cooling of residential and light commercial applications.

Connects more, fits more

The unit can be pipe from 4 directions: connections from the front, side, bottom, or rear, making it easy to install.

Control your comfort from anywhere

A WiFi kit (sold separately) can be installed allowing you to control your air conditioner using a smartphone App*, from anywhere with a WiFi network to control and monitor your Samsung air conditioning system.

Wi-Fi enabled control is compatible with selected Android™ and iOS Smartphones and requires the Smart Air Conditioner app, downloaded from Google Play or iTunes. To use ‘Out Of House’ control, users must register the product at http://global.samsungsmartappliance.com. Internet connection required. Data charges may apply. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under licence. iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Technical Specifications for DVM System Samsung AM040KXMDEH/EU
Power SupplyΦ/#/V/Hz1/ 2 / 220–240 / 50
Capacity CoolingkW12.10
Capacity HeatingkW12.10
Maximum number of connectable indoor unitsea6.0
Total capacity of the connected indoor units (Min./Max.)kW5.60 / 15.70
Power Input CoolingkW3.60
Power Input HeatingkW2.90
Current Input CoolingA17.50
Current Input HeatingA14.00
Current (MCA)A24.0
Current (MFA)A32
EER CoolingW/W3.36
COP1 HeatingW/W4.17
Compressor (Type)Twin BLDC Rotary
Oil (Type)PVE
Oil (Initial Charge)cc1700
Fan (Type)Propeller
Air Flowm3/min64
External Static PressurePa29.40
Liquid Pipeø, mm9.52
Gas Pipeø, mm15.88
Piping length (ODU-IDU) (Max.)m50
Piping length (1st Branch-IDU) (Max.)m40
Total piping length (System) (Max.)m150
Level difference (IDU-IDU) (Max.)m15
Factory Chargingkg / tCO2e2.0 / 4.18
Sound Pressure2 (Cooling / Heating)dB(A)52 / 54
Sound PowerdB(A)73
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm940 x 998 x 330
Operating Temperature (Cooling)°C-5 ~ 48
Operating Temperature (Heating)°C-20 ~ 24


1Performances are based on the following test conditions:

  • Cooling: Indoor temperature: 27°C DB, 19°C WB
    Outdoor temperature: 35°C DB, 24°C WB
  • Heating: Indoor temperature: 20°C DB, 15°C WB
    Outdoor temperature: 7°C DB, 6°C WB
  • Equivalent refrigerant piping: 7.5 m, Level differences:0 m

2Sound pressure level is obtained in an anechoic room. Sound pressure level is a relative value, depending on the distance and acoustic environment. Sound pressure level may differ according to operating conditions. Sound power level is an absolute value that a sound source generates.

3ODU: Outdoor Unit,
IDU: Indoor Unit

Manufacturer Samsung
Type Central air conditioning
Technology Inverter
Series DVM S Eco
Outdoor Unit AM040KXMDEH/EU
Power supply (V/ø/Hz) 220-240 / 1 / 50
Cooling Capacity (kW) 12.10
Heating Capacity (kW) 12.10
EER (Energy Efficiency in Cooling) 3.36
COP (Energy Efficiency in Heating) 4.17
Sound Pressure Outdoor Unit - Cooling/Heating dB(A) 52 / 54
Sound Power Outdoor Unit - Cooling/Heating dB(A) 73
Air Flow Outdoor Unit (m3/min) 64
Dimensions - Outdoor Unit WxHxD (mm) 940 x 998 x 330
Weight - Outdoor Unit (kg) 79
Piping Connections - Liquid/Gas (mm) 9.52 / 15.88
Maximum Pipe Lenght (m) 50
Maximum Height Difference Between Indoor Units (m) 15
Operation Range - Cooling (°C) -5 ~ 48
Operation Range - Heating (°C) -20 ~ 24
Refrigerant R410A
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