Autoparts manifacturing Hronovsky


To provide the heat energy of the main production and the warehouses, Samsung DVM systems of direct evaporation with indoor units Samsung DVM S Hydro Unit HT with two-stage mode of operation providing hot water up to 80 degrees are installed. The heat energy produced by the heat pump systems is distributed to two main consumers, namely the heat exchanger of the air conditioning chamber for the production and heating of the storage areas with hot air devices.

These parameters in production are maintained by means of an air-conditioning ventilation chamber with partial recirculation. Its flow rate is about 43000m3 / h and is equipped with Plug inverter fans, heating and cooling sections, as the main parameters are synchronized with the operating capacity of the production line. The maintenance of the humidity levels in the production room is provided with electric steam humidifiers, as steam humidifier injectors are installed in the discharge part of the chamber.

The cold production is provided by Samsung air-cooled water cooling units.
An installation for compressed air and nitrogen has also been installed.

The air conditioning chamber is installed in a separate technical room, which borders the production area.

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