Ceiling-floor type fan coil Midea MKH5-600

Ceiling-floor type fan coil Midea MKH5-600

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  • Cooling
    5.64 kW
  • Heating
    8.23 kW
  • Noise
    37 dB

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The H5 series outdoor fan coils (with air return from below) have a stylish and clean design that fits into any room. The H5 fan coils achieve high efficiency and low noise levels thanks to the brushless DC motors. H5 models can be installed on the floor or on the ceiling, depending on customer preferences or installation needs.

Different fan speeds

The inverter fan coil units come with an option of 3 fan speeds to meet all your needs. The remote control KJR-75A allows the use of 7 levels of the fan, including a quiet night mode.

Automatic restart

In case of a sudden power failure during operation, the unit restarts automatically and after the restart, it will continue to work with the previous setting (operation mode, temperature setting and fan speed).

Multiple control options

Fan coil units can be connected to Midea central controllers via the custom XYE port. A Modbus interface is also supported via the custom PQE port with Modbus RTU protocol.

Easy installation and service

Installation and maintenance are made as easy as possible. Maintenance of convectors is quite easy and key components can be accessed by opening a cover.


  • 3 or 4 row heat exchanger.
  • Ultra slim profile.
  • Dedicated quiet night mode and 7 fan speeds (with remote KJR-75A)
  • The temperature curve can be set for heating and cooling via a field-adjustable PCB switch.
  • Fan forcing can be set via a field adjustable PCB switch.
  • The XYE (centralized controller) port and the PQE (Modbus) port can be customized.
  • 0-10V fan speed is optional.
  • Possibility of wall or ceiling installation.
Technical Specifications for Midea MKH5-600 Fan coil
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 220-240 / 1 / 50
Air flow (H/M/L) m3/h 1020 / 870 / 765
CFM 600 / 510 / 450
Cooling1 Capacity (H/M/L) kW 5.64 / 5.02 / 4.46
Water flow rate (H/M/L) m3/h 970
Water pressure drop kPa 11.4
Heating2 Capacity (H/M/L) kW 8.23 / 6.58 / 5.59
Water pressure drop (H/M/L) kPa 10
Power input (H/M/L) W 63 / 50 / 44
Sound pressure level (H/M/L) H3 (В/С/Н) dB(A) 42 / 39 / 37
H4 (В/С/Н) dB(A) 44 / 41 / 39
H5 (В/С/Н) dB(A) 42 / 39 / 37
Fan motor Type Low noise 3-speed fan motor
Quantity 1
Fan Type Centrifugal, forward-curved Blades
Quantity 3
Coil Row 2
Max. working pressure MPa 1.6
Diameter mm φ9.52
Panel Net dimensions (W х H х D) mm 1250 × 545 × 212
Packing size (W х H х D) mm 1339 × 639 × 305
Net weight kg 32
Gross weight kg 36
Body Net dimensions (W х H х D) mm 1500 × 592 × 225
Packing size (W х H х D) mm 1589 × 683 × 312
Net weight kg 39 / 39
Gross weight kg 45 / 45
Pipe connections Water inlet/outlet pipe inch G3/4
Drain pipe mm ODφ16


H: High fan speed; M: Medium fan speed; L: Low fan speed.

  1. Cooling conditions: entering water 7°C, temperature rise 5°C, entering air temperature 27°C DB/19°C WB.
  2. Heating conditions: entering water 50°C, entering air temperature 20°C DB, the same water flow as the cooling conditions.
Manufacturer Midea
Type Fan Coil
Indoor Unit MKH5-600
Power supply (V/ø/Hz) 230 / 1 / 50
Cooling Capacity (kW) 5.64
Heating Capacity (kW) 8.23
Power Input Cooling/Heating (kW) 0.063 / 0.063
Dimensions - Indoor Unit WxHxD (mm) 1500 x 592 x 225
Weight - Indoor Unit (kg) 39
Built-in controller Midea KJR-15B/E
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