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We offer various solutions for air conditioning of residential, office, commercial and industrial sites. Variety of types of air conditioners, capacities, and methods of installation (wall, floor, cassette, column, etc.). We offer a wide range - from small systems suitable for domestic purposes to large industrial air conditioning systems for large and large areas of retail outlets, banks, offices, restaurants, etc. All our products are suitable for both heating and cooling. We always strive to offer our customers the latest in the world of air conditioning, so we always maintain a complete warehouse with all the models we offer.

Here you will find all types of inverter and conventional split and multi-split air conditioning systems. This includes wall, floor, wall-ceiling, floor-ceiling, ceiling, cassette, duct, and column air conditioners.

Wall type air conditioners are most preferred by our customers as a way of heating, as they have the most systems and functions for energy-saving, power management, numerous sensors and sensors, air filtering systems and take up the least space in the room, thanks to its compact design. Wall air conditioners are the most common choice for home heating and offer the widest range of different models.

Floor-type air conditioners require more specific conditions to be installed, but the device allows them to create a powerful airflow at floor level, which is indispensable in heating mode due to the property of warm air to rise.

The ceiling-floor type air conditioners have the possibility for installation both at the floor level and for semi-concealed installation in a suspended ceiling. They combine the advantages of floor and ceiling systems in one indoor unit.

Ceiling-type air conditioners are more specific than other types. They are mounted on the wall, but high, at ceiling level or semi-hidden in it. Wall-to-ceiling air conditioners are of the highest class and have features that other air conditioning systems do not have due to their smaller size. Such is, for example, the self-cleaning function of the filters.

Cassette-type air conditioning systems are designed for installation in a suspended ceiling and can be two-way and four-way. They achieve perfect air conditioning of the room, as the airflow spreads in all directions.

Duct type air conditioners are designed for concealed installation, as the air flow passes through special ducts, which are part of the overall ventilation of the building. In this way, with one duct air conditioner, which is enough, you can heat several rooms.

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