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This web site tempex.bg is part of TEMPEX LTD. Bulgaria and inform customers with products and services that the company provide.


These terms and conditions govern the terms and conditions of use of the web site tempex.bg, which is owned by TEMPEX LTD. Bulgaria. By visiting the site and taking into account the user agrees fully accepts and undertakes to comply with these "Terms and Conditions " . Conditions are mandatory for all users visiting the site.

1. General

User means any person who visits the web site and has agreed to these "Terms and Conditions " for use. Each user gets the right to review all materials posted on this website only for personal use and non-commercial purposes, subject to any copyright.

2 . Information of published products

All products posted on the web site are listed by price in Bulgarian lev with VAT, prices are for information purposes. The website is not online shop and the shown prices may not be the actual, compared with announced in the stores and shopsof the company. TEMPEX not responsible if the information published by the manufacturers of its products and technical specifications are incorrect . TEMPEX reserves the right to make changes at any time and without notice,  in published materials , software , products and services and is not responsible if the published information is out of date . Some of the published products may not be available at the moment. For the latest information on the available products you can contact us by phone or e-mail .

3 . Information  about published materials

All materials published on website tempex.bg are under  protection of copyright and any abuse is punishable . It is strictly prohibited copying, publication and public dissemination of material from this site for any any public or commercial purpose . Do not post material to other sites , in any form. At the request of a third party to publish some of the information materials in non- specialized sites for air-conditioning equipment is required to do this after explicit permission from us