HVAC Design and implementation of TEMPEX

Design and installation of HVAC and ventilation systems. TEMPEX has extensive experience in the field and has designed and built systems at different sites in the country. Thanks to the experience and cooperation with leading European and worldwide brands and manufacturers we offers a wide range of ventilation and air conditioning equipment with high quality. Engineering services in HVAC systems are:

  • Consulting and feasibility testing for upcoming construction or in the process of building HVAC ;
  • HVAC Design for newly constructed facilities for residential and public and industrial use;
  • Redesigning / reengineering / HVAC for change of use and refurbishment of existing sites for public and industrial use;
  • Heat evaluation of projects according to EU requirements;
  • Consulting and managing in the construction site of HVAC part;
  • Preparation and valuation of investment projects for HVAC ;
  • Feasibility analyzes and assessments of investment projects for HVAC ;

Providing elements of HVAC systems

The products we offer are in stock. Providing elements of a HVAC specification and Bill of Quantities line with EU requirements (certificate and declaration of conformity - EU)
Installation and service activities

Assembly activities in building HVAC systems - Precision and quality construction of HVAC systems for residential , public and industrial use / projects according to set deadlines / Service HVAC systems - Warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance of machines and equipment systems for HVAC