Midea Air-to-water heat pumps

Midea heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumping systems

Midea heat pump systems offer a complete home air conditioning solution, providing domestic hot water as well. Heat pumps have the latest air-conditioning technologies and provide a wide range of intelligent control features. Indoor and outdoor units are extremely compact, thus saving valuable installation space. Midea heat pumps can be seamlessly connected to already built systems with gas boilers, solar panels, boilers and more. The high efficiency and reliability of Midea heat pumps combined with their good price make them the preferred air conditioning solutions in Bulgaria.

Midea M-Thermal Split SMK-160CD30GN1-B + MHA-V16W/D2N1 Heat Pump
Midea SMK-160CD30GN1-B + MHA-V16W/D2N1 Split

Model: Midea SMK-160CD30GN1-B + MHA-V16W/D2N1

Cooling: 13.80 kW

Heating: 15.50 kW

SEER: 3.80

SCOP: 4.01

Price: 8499 BGL with VAT without install
Midea M-Thermal Split SMK-160CSD45GN1-B + MHA-V16W/D2RN1 Heat Pump
Midea SMK-160CSD45GN1-B + MHA-V16W/D2RN1 Split

Model: Midea SMK-160CSD45GN1-B + MHA-V16W/D2RN1

Cooling: 14.50 kW

Heating: 15.50 kW

SEER: 4.01

SCOP: 4.37

Price: 8899 BGL with VAT without install