Central air conditioning

Commercial air conditioners for buildings

This type of systems have several advantages in air conditioning of buildings, as compared with chiller system or several multi-split air conditioner. Main advantages are:

  • Minimum loss of heat during transfer from external to internal body (compared to chillers):
  • Significantly smaller amount of pipes - VRF air conditioning systems have two or three pipe
  • All our VRF, VRV and DVM central air conditioning systems are using high effecincy inverter technology and ensure high power output with low consumption, some times even lower than that of standard domestic air conditioner
  • VRF system has a significantly longer tubing compared to chillers, split or multi-split air conditioner.
  • Various remote controls and management via computer or internet, including connectivity with centralized monitoring systems such as BACNet, LonWorks, BMS and etc. VRF system is significantly longer tubing compared to chillers, split or multi split air conditioner.