Air Conditioners

Comfort heated rooms with Fuji Electric LMC

Powerful and effective, with high COP and low consumption are inverter air conditioners of Fuji Electric of LMC serie.
LMC air con systems are sutable for cooling and heating, but the most impresive that distingush this air conditioner is... heating!
Special shape and structure of heatexchanger of indoor and outdoor units helps to achive more COP and reduce consumption - energy effeciency Rang A++).

Heating rooms with air conditioner

What are the advantages of heating with air conditioner and what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to other heating? Heating with air conditioner (especially if it is an inverter ) provides greater savings and greater comfort than any conventional methods. Coefficient of performance - COP, is the one that gives you the information how many kilowatts you get for every 1kW of electricity used. Accordingly, as higher the COP coefficient is, the greater the energy efficiency of an air conditioner is. Another advantage is that the air conditioner maintains just such a room temperature , as it is set and the timer on and off automates the process of conditioning , such as the air conditioning is switched on and off at exactly the specified time - for example in the morning at the office just before the start and after completion of your work day , etc. Choosing heating with Fuji Electric, you save money on electricity all year round!

Air conditioners of Fuji Electric Luxury series

The unique technology of famous manufacturer of air conditioning equipment is a series LT Japanese Fuji Electric air conditioners consist of motion sensor and intelligent management of the operation of the air conditioner. When no one in the room motion sensor to record it and changing the temperature and the power of the air conditioner , and thus reduces the power consumption. When the motion sensor senses the air conditioner restores normal operation when there is heavy traffic in the room (eg exercising, cleaning , etc.) climate system into account temperature rise in the room, and then in order to comfortable air lowers the temperature automatically. In this series air conditioners are only two types: capacity 9000BTU RSG-09LT and 12000BTU RSG-12LT

Duct type air conditioners

Duct type air conditioners are specialized air conditioning systems that are installed in a wall or ceiling. The airflow created by the indoor unit is directed by ventilation ducts. Their application is mainly in large halls and salons with large area, such as theaters , cinemas and shopping centers. Of course, ducted air conditioners are manufactured in a wide range of capacities. Starting with a capacity of 12,000 BTu, they can reach over 100,000 BTu. Ducted air conditioners with smaller capacities can be used for air conditioning of apartments, houses and residential buildings. Indoor units are designed to be disassembled quickly and easily, which means easy servicing and repair, and are often modular. The air ducts, which are connected to the air conditioners indoor unir may be more than one, which allows the separation of the air stream into several flows, enabling heating or cooling of several rooms with only one indoor unit. The powerful duct type air conditioners with large capacity designed to provide high static pressure of the air flow. Through air ducts, duct type air conditioners can suck fresh air outside the building.

R2 rotary compressor for Panasonic

Panasonic is the largest manufacturer of rotary compressors in the world. Thanks to the great experience of the company since 1978, innovative inverter rotary R2 compressor is created.

Why the R2 compressor from Panasonic is so effective?

First, there are the high quality silicium steel motors. They have exceptional durability and performance even in extreme weather conditions. The oil reservoir with high-performance oil pump is extended thus provides better lubrication of the components. The bigger refrigerant (R410A) accumulator also has an enlarged volume, which enables the handling of larger amount of refrigerant, thus provides the longer piping lenght for the system.

How does the rotary compressor R2 works?

Rotary compressors work through the "rolling piston" technology. Stroke rolls on the inner wall of the cylinder and compresses the gas in the shrinking space. When it reaches a sufficient pressure in the chamber, it is discharged, while over the suction port, more gas comes in.

Why Panasonic rotary compressor are better than scroll compressors and piston compressors?

In R2 rotary compressors all the components are made ​​from high quality material. The simple design and symmetry provide reliable performance, low weight, reduced vibration and low noise.

Why R2 compressors are so quiet?

The compressors is designed to reduce operating vibration to a minimum. This is mainly due to the fixed upper bearing and release into the overhead cylinder. In the twin-rotary R2 compressors a special silencer is available that further reduces the noise level when the system operates.