Gas alarming

Газсигнализация - сензори  Газсигнализация - камери  Газсигнализация 

Gas analyzers are measuring devices used for analysis of gas mixtures to determine their qualitative and quantitative composition. They are used in inflammable and explosive areas, and may be used to control the gases, contained in air.

We design and build gas sensing systems to detect and measure the level of choosen gas. Signal and actuation mechanisims can be build for powering ventilation on and off, closing vent valves, etc.

Sensor types, according to implementation are divided into:

  • Domestic
  • Explosion proof

Sensor types, according to the measured gas, are divided into:

  • For combustible gases, volatile organic compounds and hydrogen.
  • For toxic gases and oxygen.
  • For refrigerants - ammonia and freon

Applications and corresponding gas sensors:

  1. Administrative buildings - Explosive and Toxic
  2. Cordless premises - H2, SO2
  3. Biological waste and landfills - methane, H2S
  4. Hydroelectric and thermal power plants - explosive gases, CO
  5. Water treatment plants - methane, H2S, Cl2, O2
  6. Production and storage of coal - explosive gases, CO, O2
  7. Welding areas - explosive and toxic gases
  8. Industrial furnaces - explosive gases, CO, O2, SO2, NO2
  9. Cameras for coloring - explosive gases
  10. Boiler rooms - explosive gases
  11. Lab - explosive and toxic gases
  12. Steam and gas turbines - explosive gases, H2, CO, O2
  13. Printing - explosive and toxic gases
  14. Restaurants and kitchen units - explosive gases
  15. Tunnels and underground garages - CO, NO, NO2


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