Power distribution boards

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Power distribution boards design

TEMPEX has modern equipment and a plant formanufacturing of power distribution and custom swichboard panels.

Types ot manufactured panels:

Power distribution boards

Design and production of main power distribution swichboards for electrical distribution systems up to 1600A.

Automation panels

Design and production of switchboards for industrial automation and control of individual assignment. TEMPEX has a specialized engeneering team for installation, comissioning and parametrisation of the designed automation systems.The management build in the panels is with programmable logic controllers (PLC) or relay control.

General purpose power distribution boards and panels.

Design and production of individual customized switchboards for individual clients - main switchboards for residential buildings, public buildings, construction sites, etc.

Switchboard integration:

  • Standarized switchgear
  • Cathode drains
  • Network analyzers
  • Contactor relay logics
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Phase inverter and regulators
  • Individual microprocessor controller (MC)

Among with the main requierments for electrical coards i buildings, we ensure safe operation without risks associated with electrical shock, fire or other dissasters. The main function of the electrical boards is to ensure continuity in supply of electricity and possibility for extensions, improvements and reconstruction of the existing electrical installation.

For ease of maintainance the electrical panels are designed for safe access, providing protection againts direct contact of live elements, and for facilitate the service of the board. To meet these conditions, TEMPEX manufactures its boards according to European norms - BDS EN 60439-1.

After production, every board must pass through a stage of trials and checks:

  • Check for limit of overheating.
  • Check for electrical strenght of the insulation.
  • Check for short circuit resistance.
  • Checking the efficiency of the protective circuit.
  • Checking the mechanical action.
  • Checking the level of protection.

Once the electrical panel is installed, the control tests are made. These test are made to detect deviations from the prescribted materials and technology.

  • Overview of the installation, wiring and the testing activity.
  • Testing the electrical strenght of the insulation.
  • Testing the protective mesures and the electricla continuity of the protective circuit.