Automation of HVAC

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Design and development of automation for air conditioning and ventilation systems. Port systems are implemented through automated panel or group of panels that precisely control the processes of the HVAC equipment on a particular logic using sensors and detectors.

Design and development of systems for monitoring energy usage of HVAC installations and controling them via the Internet and mobile phone.

The sensors that are used in HVAC automation are:

  • Sensors for flow of air / water
  • Sensors for of air / water pressure
  • Sensors diferential pressure
  • Temperature sensors
  • Sensors for air quality and CO
  • Sensors and motion detectors for presence

Automatic control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning provides comfort to the occupants and increased energy efficiency.

With programable logical controllers (PLC), the user has control with high reliability and functional algorithm. The PLC's have appliance in industrial control for equipment and technologies, as well as in building automation, specialized lighting systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. These controllers are programmed using specialized software. The loaded programs in the PLC controller can be updated or rewrited any time to meet the clients or projects preferences.

The programs are written in specialized languages , mostly Ladderdiagram or FBD. It is also possible an already build automation systems to be monitored and parameterized remotely with the most commonly used protocols - DeviceNET, CAN, AS-interface, PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet etc. There are models that provided connection and communication via RS- 232, USB or even via GSM network.


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