Electrical service

Електро обзавеждане  Електрообзавеждане-табло  Електрообзавеждане-табла 


TEMPEX offers its services in ventilation, air conditioning and electrical engineering for production facilities and public buildings.

TEMPEX actively works in the field of air conditioning since 2000y. Starting with the supply and installation of domestic air conditioning systems, the company gradually expanded into residential and public buildings, shops and factories.

In 2006y. TEMPEX has expanded its service range with construction of electrical boards, automation of HVAC equipment, CCTV, gas alarming and electricla engineering.

The company has material and technical basis for the implementation of both new and rehabilitation of existing electrical installations. We also have standard and specialized transportation, machinery and equipment and reliable qualified personnel.

We work actively with electrical designers, some of the largest suppliers of electrical materials, importers of low-voltage systems, always improving our product - a comprehensive and functional electrical installation.