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Air conditioning, Air to Water Heat Pump, Chiller and HVAC systems

Central office of TEMPEX Ltd.

TEMPEX Ltd. was founded in 2000y. and main activities are import, retail and wholesale, installation, maintenance and servicing of residential split, multi-split, light commercial and central air conditioning systems.

The company has experience, long tradition and history in the field of air conditioning and ventilation systems and equipment. And is specialized in installation, maintenance and servicing of all brands and models, residential and commercial air-conditioning systems, VRF and chiller systems for building air conditioning.

TEMPEX Ltd. is a direct importer and repair&service of air conditioning systems, electronics and spare parts for air conditioning systems from Japan, Malaysia, China, Thailand and others.

DJI Drones Authorized Dealer

TEMPEX Ltd. is an official distributor and authorized service center of DJI Innovations - leader in consumer and industrial drones market. TEMPEX Ltd. works closely with DJI to provide the Bulgarian market with the full range of consumer and professional drones as well as original accessories for them. Learn more here: www.copter.bg

Delivery, warranty and repair services

The company provides delivery, installation, warranty and post-warranty repair services of air conditioning, ventilation systems, solar collectors, heat pump water heating systems, air-to-water chiller systems, hot tube SPA and central air conditioning VRF, VRV ( from Panasonic, Fuji Electric, Fujitsu General) MDV (from TREO and Midea) and DVM (from Samsung)

Partial and/or compleate design of HVAC projects

The company has a design team that specializes in the field can participate as both partial and complete in design and construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)

TEMPEX Ltd. participated in most of HVAC and Electrical projects in multiple locations across the country, places such as hotels, restaurants, clinics, telecomunicational companies, banks, power plants and etc.

Certifications and certificates

Since 2010, TEMPEX Ltd. has introduced and certified a quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, an environmental management system ISO 14001: 2015 and a system for management of healthy and safe working conditions ISO 45000: 2018.